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Writers ~ Do the wave of amendments to novels from the past, affect how you write in the present?

Here’s the latest news from the Guardian James Bond books to be reissued with racial references removed.

Then there’s the provocative heading from the New York Times: The Truth About the ‘Censorship’ of Roald Dahl

And what about the news about Kate Forbes and whether she is fit for office in Scotland. Can someone’s personal religious views restrict the public office they hold? This isn’t to do with publishing and writing, but it is relevant.

On the face of it we could all perceive these issues as a great thing. After all we are living in enlightened times … Aren’t we? We respect everyone’s way of life as long as it does not impair our own.

We are far more aware of racism, sexism, fatism and all the other isms and I’m sure as authors we see it as our responsibility to watch out for the words and phrases we use which might upset.

As a publisher we have an even greater responsibility don’t we, to ensure that the books we launch out to the public will not offend anyone?

Another question to you:

How can we do all of this without affecting creativity as an author, constricting the richness of the English language and living in fear of offending someone?

We don’t have the answers but do you?


A Round Up of Interesting Articles on the Publishing World

Listening out for publishing news!

A) Copyright Laws

Should we be worried about the changes in Copyright regulations in the UK? Click on the article:

Text and Data Mining as a Copyright Exception by Porter Anderson @ The UK Publishing Association

B) Price of paper

New warning about the increase in the price of paper:

See Publishing Perspectives excellent post.

C)Amazon’s real bookshop

Amazon dipped its toes in the world of bookstores. Here’s how it went:

‘Down but not Out’ by Terry Madelev from Leeds.

D) Impact of two major publishing houses

What would the possible merger of  Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House be on the publishing world?

Post by Crikey.org.

Eventispress News

It has been our busiest year ever at Eventispress. We are a collective publishing company ran by authors. Everyone has their say in the business and everyone contributes. We are all individual authors but we are not alone.

OK, this scroll through summer news in the publishing world is by no means exhaustive. Please drop us a link in the comments if you know more.