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Wishing Our Followers and Readers a Happy Christmas!

Eventispress are signing off today until the New Year when we have good news and new publications for 2023. Our authors are brimming with ideas for both writing and marketing and we’ll see some new faces joining us too.

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Keep Warm.

Watch out for others.

Spreading a little kindness,

goes a long way to put smiles on faces.




SEASON’S GREETINGS and Looking Forward to 2022 at EVENTISPRESS

In the last three months Eventispress has ben beavering away, preparing for some exciting developments in 2022. We are welcoming not just one or two, but three new authors to our family and we aim to publish their books in the first quarter of 2022.

Our web designer also hopes to celebrate the launch of his long awaited novel during late spring or early summer.

We have not set firm dates as yet, because winter may yet be a difficult time with this pandemic and our aim is to reach out to bookshops who already know us, but also to bookshops in a far wider reach than hitherto. (as well as on line sales)

That does not stop us getting everything ready.

Early in the New Year I will introduce each author to you, giving them a chance to have a voice in the public face of Eventispress. They are already having an impact on internal affairs, which I for one welcome wholeheartedly.

That just leaves me to wish you season’s greetings, whatever your background or faith, but a Very Happy Christmas to those who celebrate alongside me.

best wishes to everyone!