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Clouds are not Spheres by Nigel Lesmoir Gordon

Eventispress are pleased to celebrate the success of author Nigel Lemoir Gordon in the launch of of ‘Clouds are not Spheres’ published by WorldSciNet

Nigel has two novels with us here at Eventispress:

Life is Just & The Keeper of the Faith

We wish him every success in this new venture into non fiction.



A Glass of Two Milks by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Being an encouraging and friendly publishing cooperative here at Eventispress we would like to share in the news of one of our authors. Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon celebrates the launch of his next novel, A Glass of Two Milks. (even though we did not publish it ourselves)


It is the sequel to Nothing and Everywhere, although it is set far in the future in 2030 and is described as an adventure, action thriller.


What a colourful cover!

Nigel has published it under his own film and book company Fractal Fun and we wish him all the best with it.