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INTERLEAVED LIVES by RODERICK HART is now available in paperback!

At Eventispress, we are excited today to announce the launch of

Roderick Hart’s novel is now in paperback on Amazon:


Soon to be available to order in bookshops too.


Publication Day has Arrived for Debut Author Ian K Pulham

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Ticket to Eden by Ian K Pulham

has gone live today!

This universal link will go to any Amazon site:


To read more about Ian and his amazing but disturbing tale of the future of our planet read his page


or on his website: https://dontmesswithmyheadman.com/

SEASON’S GREETINGS and Looking Forward to 2022 at EVENTISPRESS

In the last three months Eventispress has ben beavering away, preparing for some exciting developments in 2022. We are welcoming not just one or two, but three new authors to our family and we aim to publish their books in the first quarter of 2022.

Our web designer also hopes to celebrate the launch of his long awaited novel during late spring or early summer.

We have not set firm dates as yet, because winter may yet be a difficult time with this pandemic and our aim is to reach out to bookshops who already know us, but also to bookshops in a far wider reach than hitherto. (as well as on line sales)

That does not stop us getting everything ready.

Early in the New Year I will introduce each author to you, giving them a chance to have a voice in the public face of Eventispress. They are already having an impact on internal affairs, which I for one welcome wholeheartedly.

That just leaves me to wish you season’s greetings, whatever your background or faith, but a Very Happy Christmas to those who celebrate alongside me.

best wishes to everyone!

Author Brian Kerr’s New Books Have Arrived

This is a special moment for an author when all that work comes into fruition. Brian Kerr was understandably proud when his author copies of his latest ‘How to Value a Skylark’ arrived so he sent us this snap. We are looking forward to the on-line launch on

Wednesday 20th January

It has been a long time away — Beds Country File

Eventispress Author Brian Kerr begins writing on his wordpress blog once more and news of his book launch:

The last blog on this site was in mid 2015. David Cameron was the Prime Minister; the word Brexit has seldom in the news; and pandemics were something that happened in the history books. Since then the world has changed and we are all coping with very different circumstances. The idea of the previous Blog […]

It has been a long time away — Beds Country File


Special Offer ~ 99p on Kindle! ‘Murder, Now and Then’ by Diana Jackson

Only 99p on Kindle!


Only 99p until 19th July!

Eventispress has re-released an updated version of ‘Murder Now and Then’ by Diana Jackson to reflect the true state of the world in 2019 at the centenary of the murder of the Jersey girl who originally inspired Diana to write this compelling mystery:


Diana’s next mystery in the series will be launched this autumn.

Author Nigel Lesmoir Gordon Launches New Novel

Click to Pre Ordered on Amazon

Author Nigel Lemoir Gordon launches his new novel under the intriguing title ‘Karma Layer,‘ with  BewleyBooks. In the spirit of Indie Press we would like to wish him every good fortune. He is an author who well deserves success.

The Kindle version can be pre-ordered now but will be released on 28th June.

Exciting News here at Eventispress ~ Brian Kerr’s Official Book Launch

You are Invited to a

Book Launch

Sunday 19th May 2019

3pm to 5pm

in the Grange Room

The Forest Centre, Marston Vale, Bedfordshire

Details of the venue are at:

www.marstonvale.org.   Post code is:  MK43   0PR 

This is a country park and nature reserve surrounding a former brick pit and there are ample opportunities for a walk. 

RSVP to Brian Kerr  (077-369-11-508; wbkerr47@gmail.com)

Brian needs to know numbers so please let him know if you are going to attend.