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In years gone by I travelled extensively in Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. I should also admit that I made bubble gum in Philadelphia, so my record on public health isn’t good.

I have always been as interested in music as the written word. In addition to listening, I have composed quite a lot. A violin sonata and a clarinet trio were performed in public, both of them written on manuscript paper and now lost. Since those early days technology has moved on and I have written directly into notation software, exporting the music to audio. So thanks to the cloud, nothing gets lost any longer.

For many years I published poetry in newspapers, magazines and anthologies of Scottish verse. This was a sensible choice, since running a recording studio (spoken word, music and sound effects for radio and theatre) left little time and even less energy for anything longer.

Retired now, I have been able to concentrate on novels. Time to Talk was published in October 2013, to be followed by A Serious Business early in 2014. Both are set in Edinburgh. I have just published (November 2019) a new title, The Ears of a Cat, in which I range far and wide and don’t set foot once in my native city. A paperback edition of Interleaved Lives will appear early in 2022 courtesy of Eventispress, a book which sees me back in Edinburgh.

I live with my wife in the grounds of an old convent from which, I read, five nuns were expelled in 1938. I wonder why?

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Eventispress have now published the paperback for Roderick Hart’s



Douglas Hunter works as a police detective till he attempts to locate his missing wife by abusing privileged access to police databases. Forced to resign, he takes on clients. His first, Alison Ogilvie, has deep suspicions of her husband, which prove to be correct when he turns up dead with a plastic bag over his head.

The two are pursued by Hunter’s ex-boss, DS Maureen MacNeil, who didn’t like him before and likes him even less now that he has gone private. In their attempts to discover what has happened to their respective partners, and to defend themselves from the abrasive DS MacNeil, they form an unlikely but effective partnership.


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