Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

The sad news is the Nigel passed away  in January 2020 and so we have needed to remove his paperback books on sale through Eventispress. Condolences to the Jenny and Nigel’s family who we believe are still selling the Kindle versions.  Here’s a bit about Nigel is you come across his books elsewhere:

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon’s long directing career in film and television ranges from pop videos, commercials and corporate promotions to TV broadcast. He followed the production of the award-winning documentary The Colours of Infinity with Is God a Number? then with Clouds are not Spheres. Colours has already been transmitted in over 50 territories and is currently available in four languages.  Nigel recently completed his first feature film, Remember a Day, which is now out on DVD. He has published four books: Introducing Fractals in 2009 and The Colours of Infinity in 2010.

His first novel the comic thriller Nothing and Everywhere was published by Gordon Books in 2012. The biography of an airline pilot called Aerodrum was published by Gordon Books in 2013.

Life is Just... FRONTCOVERWe were excited at Eventispress to welcome Nigel to the fold  to launch Life is Just in 2015.

Nigel’s second publication with us here at Eventispress in 2017 was described as a ‘cracking yarn’ and also a ‘gripping tale.’ Good reviews on Amazon already.

‘The Keeper of the Faith’ transports the reader to Vietnam, a


Benedictine Monastery in England and finally to the Highlands of Scotland!

Both books are available on Amazon worldwide and can be ordered from all good bookshops.

Here is Nigel Lesmoir Gordon’s author page at Amazon:

Amazon UK

51SG0NRwdSLNigel’s latest publication released by

on Kindle in June 2019 is:

‘Karma Lawyer, Courage and Love

(We believe no longer available)

3 thoughts on “NIGEL LESMOIR-GORDON”

  1. A new review and a different take on my novel ‘Life is Just…’ recently posted on Amazon:
    “Impossible to read this book without being plunged into the mysterious depths of the psyche. It challenges the reader to seek beyond what appears as reality. My personal opinion is that this is Nigel’s most evocative work. Definitely recommended. Mary Thomas.”

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  2. TWO NEW REVIEWS OF ‘LIFE IS JUST…’ POSTED ON AMAZON: “For those of us who just about remember the sixties so much of this book rings a bell, and together with a very gripping plot it is a difficult to put down story until the very end, especially with names and places that are relevant to us East Anglians. I look forward to reading the next novel.” Brendan Hayes. Artist.

    “The story of a dysfunctional yet very intelligent family living in Cambridge in the 1960s. Lots of sharp dialogue and some descriptive passages of experiences by one of the family in India who is trying to find truth. A page turner for those of us who remember the 60s! ”
    Mike Townesend. Artist.

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