About the Author

Martin Towey is an Irish-born author living in a village on the east coast of Scotland. A neurological physiotherapist by profession, he has always loved writing since a small boy. His short stories are mostly historical fiction but he has also written a stress management booklet. His last book An Act of Madness, has recently been adapted for the stage.

About the book

CNUASACH is the old Gaelic word for collection. Martin
Towey’s beautiful anthology of short stories, poems and
heartfelt memoirs reflect key moments in the author’s life.
It gives a glimpse into an Ireland long since past, when the pace of life was slow; an insight into the beauty of a rural Irish childhood.

Funny and at times poignant, Cnuasach chronicles a journey from innocence, through the turbulence of adolescence and into a more contented adulthood. From a seven-year-old with a fascination for St. Patrick, to a grown man, sleeping under the star-studded skies of
Iran, the author candidly discusses how sexuality, love, loss and life experiences have shaped and moulded him.
Relatable and insightful, this heart-warming anthology will appeal to the Irish and international reader alike.


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