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Book Marketing on AllAuthor

Thinking about Book Marketing, two of our authors have joined up with for publicity in the last few months.

All Author gives you an author page, sends out posts on Twitter, features your books/book, sends you mock up banners to use for personal publicity and interviews you. We’ll share the interviews on the next post, but here are a couple of mock up banners.

Fab aren’t they! We love them here at Eventispress and you’ll be seeing more of them on our tweets shortly.

Next post will have links to author interviews.


Author Ian K Pulham thanks venues on Dunstable

In his local town of Dunstable, from which you can occasionally catch a glimpse of Dunstable Downs featured in Ian K Pulham’s novel Ticket to Eden, there are two places (outside the box) where you can buy Ian’s gripping dystopian novel.

The Priory Gift Shop and Tea Room

and The Vape Shop on the High Street, Vaping Not Smoking:

Ian and Eventispress would like to thank both venues for supporting Ian K Pulham in his writing endeavours, especially as the setting of the novel is so local. The latter have kindly displayed posters too!

It only goes to show that goodwill is in supply!

Available on Amazon

Eventispress Books for Sale at The Rothsay Education Centre, Bedford ~ Thank you

Many thanks to this vibrant education centre who have agreed to stock some of our books . We do appreciate your support.

Author Brian Kerr lectures at The Rothsay Education, Bedford on environmental issues.

Thank you to Liberton Kirk Centre, Kirkgate Café

Since author Roderick Hart visits this centre and café fairly regularly, he was pleased when they agreed to sell his book.

Kirkgate Café is run by volunteers for this community in Edinburgh.

We would like to thank them for selling Rod’s novel Interleaved Lives building an awareness that they have an author in their midst.

We’d like to point out that this is a real photo and not one of the popular mock ups we see everywhere, showing Rod’s book for sale amongst tea and coffee and even more importantly chocolate bars!

A Great big Thank You to Retailing Outlets who Believe in us

Over the next few posts Eventispress will be sharing the many venues who stock some of out books. Why?

  • To advertise the venue
  • To say a great big thank you

Bookshops and on line stores are only a couple of ways to sell books. At Eventispress we like to reach out to other venues to reach our readers, aside the obvious.

An example of Diana Jackson’s Healing Paths of Fife which, as well as being available on Amazon and Waterstones on line, it has been for sale in community shops, cafes and gift shops and even a wool shop. So far Diana has raised well over £700 for local causes in Fife and latterly any profits are going to Kirkcaldy Foodbank. (a worthy and much needed cause)

These venues include the above but also museums and hubs.

Out of tiny acorns …

Writing or Speaking ~ a post by author Roderick Hart

I first came across this subject when young. I used to cycle out along the West Sands Road in St Andrews (Fife) early in the morning, and sometimes saw a man declaiming quite loudly while walking along. His name was the Reverend Wilfrid Hulbert and he belonged to one of the smaller Christian denominations, either Methodist or Congregational, I can no longer remember which and, many years on, still don’t know the difference.

He was doing one of two things; composing his sermon for the Sunday to come or, having composed it, was trying it on for size. If the latter, it was a good idea. Writing may look good on the page but may not read so swell when breath and voice are applied.

Someone else who composed on the move was novelist, Nigel Tranter. The following is a quotation from the Guardian obituary.

Each morning he would leave his house in East Lothian and begin a long walk over the nature reserve at nearby Aberlady Bay. As he stalked out along the shoreline he was an unmistakable figure. In stout boots, flat cap and sensible tweeds, he looked just like any other bird-watcher but for one oddity: in his hands he carried small sheets of paper, protected by a polythene bag in inclement weather.

He is said to have written some 1,000 words on each of his walks, and if composing by speaking is difficult, composing while walking along has got to be much harder. The writer would have to keep on stopping to write anything at all. There may be other authors who have used this technique, but I imagine they are small in number.

Then there is the interesting case of Edgar Wallace.

plaque, Nr. 107 Fleet Street

Then there is the interesting case of Edgar Wallace, who dictated his novels and short stories for his secretary to type out. At the time he was writing, or should we say speaking, this was more difficult than it is now. According to his Wikipedia entry, he spoke his words onto wax cylinders, which gives rise to a theory about his writing.

This may be why he was able to work at such high speed and why his stories have narrative drive. Many of Wallace’s successful books were dictated like this over two or three days, locked away with cartons of cigarettes and endless pots of sweet tea, often working pretty much uninterrupted in 72 hours. (Wikipedia)

Speaking for myself, I would fall at the first hurdle, the endless pots of sweet tea. Yet now, if an author wishes to speak rather than write, life is very much easier. As I type this, I notice a panel on the home ribbon which shows a graphic of a microphone with the word ‘dictate’ below it. I’ve never tried it but I’m told it works.

(Eventispress writes ‘Thank you so much Rod, for an interesting post.’)

Eventispress Arrives at Stockwood Park Luton

It seems fitting that Eventispress should arrive at Stockwood Park #Luton, not all that far from where the publishing business was conceived.

A selection of our books are on display at Stockwood Park Museum, alongside the various crafts etc. We will replenish and vary stock from our growing selection.

We now stock dystopian, mystery and historical fiction.

Our non fiction focusses on the environment and in some cases pertinent to Bedfordshire.

We also sell motivational and inspirational books.

Eventispress Authors are on the road again!

Author Diana Jackson has been out and about this morning in Fife. She describes the event but also passes on some pertinent advice. She writes:

I enjoyed a warm reception at the Cupar Probus group this morning. There was an appreciative buzz in the audience as I gave my talk on

‘Early Women Aviators ~ Before and During WW1’

At the end I shared a video of some of the earliest planes of the Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire, to give flavour to my talk and bring to life the daring feats achieved by these women in such fragile planes.

Although I sold a few books a remark made was that folks don’t take so much cash about with them these days, which is certainly something to think about if you are giving talks. Maybe us authors need to look into card readers.

In my less than organised state after lock down I also forgot to take my business cards ~ vital for leaving details for folks to look you up after the talk or get in touch with you.’

Author Diana Jackson

If you would like any Eventispress authors to give a talk locally, then you can contact us: enquiries@eventispress or get in touch with the author directly, which you can do on their websites. Click on the tabs above for the link.

Twitter News Unwrapped

What’s the latest news?

Click the picture for “Twitter confirms fee for blue tick verification” ~ BBC

Here’s another recent article from the BBC: “Ten Days of Twitter Chaos” to give you more background info.

Getting Twitter Verification

The main thrust of the article above by the BBC is getting Twitter Verification:

“The platform will charge users who want a blue tick verified account $8 (£7) a month, after initial reports of a $20 monthly fee were met with complaints by some celebrities, including author Stephen King.” BBC article on the link above.

Eventispress’s view is that ‘For most of us ordinary mortals, we will not need verification or a blue tick; unless you are famous, make loads of money, have loads of money, wish to stroke your own ego, or you have problems with anyone impersonating yourself on social media.’

If you would like to look into it or apply, here’s the link:

How to Get Verified on Twitter

Why do authors use Twitter?

  • To reach and engage with readers
  • Because (and is it a myth?) that publishers see the number of followers as a gauge to popularity and marketability. Read Ol Adams great article on this: “How Many Followers do you Need to get a Book Deal?”
  • To publicize news and events in your writing life
  • To share tips, useful links and news with other authors.
  • To relax, unwind and just have fun tweeting!

Why are some users are leaving Twitter?

The Guardian says the following:

“Left-leaning users leave Twitter in protest at Musk takeover”

This makes an interesting read as to who has gained momentum and who has lost out in the take over.

We’ll give Eventispress the final say here,

‘For most everyday authors on Twitter our advice is take no notice. If you find Twitter a good way of reaching out to folks, readers, friends and other authors and more than that if you enjoy being on Twitter, then we suggest you carry on regardless, but of course it is your choice.’

The Benefits of Eventispress Team Meetings

An Author’s Bubble

Be honest. Most authors start in their own little bubble. Hopefully they soon link up with other authors for:

  • mutual support,
  • sharing ideas,
  • promoting each other’s work,
  • generally spreading the word.

After all, other authors sharing the news of a fellow author’s book adds a whole new audience into the mix. If we don’t open ourselves up for this opportunity we miss a whole exciting dimension of being an author but also, don’t forget:

‘Authors are readers too!’

So on to Eventispress Team Meetings

When we meet, usually on Zoom, we can share:

  • our joys and successes
  • our frustrations
  • our ideas
  • arrange to meet up to plan promotional activities
  • any business news and updates too, to ensure Eventispress runs as we would all like it to, for the benefit of all.

Going forward and summary

The day after our authors are already getting together locally, taking forward ideas and planning their next events.

The most important outcome of these meetings, though, is the BUZZ!

They leave us feeling optimistic, a feel good factor and above all no-one feels alone.

Thanks Team!