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Brian Kerr has recently completed a third book which expands beyond his previous publications to focus on UK wide environmental issues.

This new publication was released in late January 2021 looks at likely changes in the wider British countryside during the present decade.

In,  How to Value a Skylark: The Countryside in a Time of Change,  the author unravels the pressures and demands which will impact on what we see and  often think of as a timeless landscape.  Issues such as a changing climate, the radical new ways in which farming is supported and the aspiration to greatly increase the area of tree cover, are all discussed against the background of a continuing concern over national food security. Additionally,  the experience of 2020 has underlined the importance of the countryside as a place which we value for health and wellbeing.  These human requirements sit beside the desire to substantially improve the protection of wildlife and the new trends to re-wild areas of Britain.. What are the prospects for a green recovery which can combine ‘nature -friendly’ farming with the necessity to protect rural life and jobs?  What de we expect from the countryside?

 Brian trained as a soil scientist and applied this knowledge of the environment to unravelling the landscape history of Bedfordshire. The first book, An Assuming CountyThe Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside, published in 2014, is a readable account of the geology and landscape, which will be of interest to walkers, and those interested in nature conservation, planners, and the general public with an interest in the countryside. This publication was complemented by a second book, A Certain Degree of Magnificence: People in the Bedfordshire Landscape, published in 2019. This second publication traced the impact made by people on the landscape of the county and the author relates this to national events, such as the Norman Conquest and the 18th century enclosure of agricultural land.

Brian previously worked on soil and agricultural applications worldwide and during the past decade has engaged in projects in the UK, Ireland, Rwanda, and Tanzania.  He presently holds a post as a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, UK, and is member of the Board for the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership, funded by the Heritage Lottery Foundation.

Brian’s books:

An Unassuming CountyThe Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside, published in 2014 and updated winter 2022/ 2023

A Certain Degree of Magnificence: People in the Bedfordshire Landscape, published in 2019

How to Value a Skylark ~ The Countryside in a Time of Change will be published in January 2021

About Brian’s books:

How to Value a Skylark ~ The Countryside in a Time of Change is available at Waterstones,


Blackwells Bookshop,  WH Smiths or ordered from Hive (It will take approx 1 week ~ please ignore ‘not in stock’)

A Certain Degree of Magnificence by Brian Kerr has just been released on Amazon in paperback, in local Waterstones and is be available to order from any bookseller.


An Unassuming County: The Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside by Brian Kerr was published by Eventispress in November 2014 but has been updated winter 2022/ 2023.

Available at local Waterstones and on 

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