About the Author

Brian Kerr has lived in Bedfordshire for around 25 years following a career working overseas, mostly in Africa. Trained as a soil scientist he has applied his knowledge of the environment to unravelling the landscape history of Bedfordshire and in his book, An Assuming County: The Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside, published in 2014, he traces the history of one English county in a way which is accessible to the non scientist. His book is a readable account of the geology, and landscape for walkers, those interested in nature conservation, planners, and the general public with an interest in the countryside. He continues to work on soil and agricultural applications and has recently been engaged in projects in the UK, Ireland, Rwanda, and Tanzania.  He presently holds a post as a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, UK.

Brian’s books:

A Certain Degree of Magnificence by Brian Kerr has just been released on Amazon in paperback and will be available to order from bookshops in the spring of 2019.

A Certain Degree of Magnificence Final Cover 30102018-page-001



An Assuming County: The Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside by Brian Kerr was published by Eventispress in November 2014.

We will be working on his next project this autumn to be launch in 2018.

Available at local Waterstones and on 


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