Eventispress aims to publish a range of quality fiction and non fiction. It is  a cooperative with bases in Central Bedfordshire and Fife, with each author sharing their expertise to promote success. The emphasis is on ‘local’ authors where the author has a ‘hands- on’ approach to making decisions and publishing their work. Although currently Eventispress is not accepting submissions and approach is usually by word of mouth, we will however be looking for a special type of author to join us early in 2021. Watch this space!

We like to think of ourselves as a collaborative rather than a cooperative but the company itself is non profit  making. Eventispress authors only pay for the services they need, much like any other self publishing which may be in-house or bought in in discussion with each author.

Our fiction can be  found in paperback and on Kindle but our non fiction is only in paperback.

We are proud to say that three of our books raise money for local charities.

The majority of our publications can be ordered through bookshops via Gardners, the main book distributors in the UK for bookshops and libraries, but further details can be found on each author page. Until the lock down in the spring some of our books were regularly stocked in local bookshops. All are available on Amazon.

contact enquiries@eventispress.co.uk

updated 08/01/2021

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