Author Brian Kerr talks to the CPRE ~ Bedfordshire

Here’s their review of Brian’s book:

“The central premise is that how we use land matters but the big question is how do we decide on what we do with it? The topic is rife with divided opinions from developers to conservationists, politicians to farmers, and landowners to the general public. The book considers the way in which the government narrative has changed towards public funds for public goods i.e. spending money in ways that are in the public interest. This might include ways in which the countryside can help to tackle climate change but also leads us to ask questions such as ‘What do we expect from the countryside? How do we decide priorities and make value judgements?’ What balancing acts do we need to perform? …”

To read the full review:

CPRE ~ The Countryside Charity Bedfordshire:

How to Value a Skylark can be ordered through any Waterstones or at an independent bookshop.